Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Memory- mom

My earliest memory is of the National Guard coming to our house on Holland Street in Danville. I was very sick and the doctors were afraid I would not make it. Dad had requested a leave to come help take care of me but they refused. With my mom being so beside herself, my dad stole an army jeep and came to my bed-side. I don't remember being sick, but I do remember the MP's taking my dad away. My grandpa was very angry (as we lived with him), my mom cried, but my dad, My DAD kept telling them "I had to come make sure my baby girl was ok." And then they took my daddy away. I remember standing on the back of the couch watching my handcuffed daddy being driven away. He served time in the brig for coming to take care of me and probably for stealing an army jeep. Dad always said it was the captions fault as he told him if they didn't let him go he would steel a jeep and go anyway. And he did. No regrets. Its interesting that that is my earliest memory and the earliest memory of my parents. I was around three years old according to my mom.

I remember another time when I was awaiting my fifth birthday. I was getting my first party. But as like so many other times in my life there was a hitch! My mom wanted me to get my hair permed. My grandma Laura was to do the dastardly job. I threw a fit. Only to hear the words, "No perm no party." That setteled the problem, I would get my hair permed. I cried and fidgetted many times only to be threatened, No perm no party. I lived through the ordeal but came out with a head full of fuzzy hair. My grandma and mom laughed untill they were crying. They pulled the sides back with red ribbons and called it cute. I had my party

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