Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great places to look

Some of my favorite places to look for family.

The funeral home. My family stayed in the same area for many many years. One of the funeral homes has free online records of may of my ancestors. They give the birth, death, spouse, marriage date, where they were buried and parents names. They also don't mind phone calls when I have more questions. So call the funeral homes. They are always happy to help.

The cemetery. When I find a cemetery or think it might be the right one I find the phone number of the cemetery and give them a call. They are also very helpful. They can look up a name to see if they are buried there. If they are buried there the can give me the location and they also have a book that records how they died, the doctor that attended, who took care of or owned the plot and if there are more plots owned and who is buried in those plots. They are happy to send maps of the cemetery and if I come to town they are happy to show me around and mark all the plots for me to visit. And some of the grave stones are very sweet to read.

The library. The local library have all kinds of great things. I love the old news papers. You can find little bits of information in them. They usually have a little notice on deaths and births. They even mention when family go on visits and when they return home!

Local genealogy societies. They have book, news papers, pictures.... to much to list. They love to help. They have a deep passion for family history and can give many tips and places you might want to look. Plus they know the area and when counties changed and where you can find records. A great place to look.

Family. Any family still living will have great stories that they can tell you about. I haven't found anyone who didn't want to talk about how things were for them. You can find forgotten stories and some legends to check out!

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