Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mormon Writer Blog-fest: Why I search

I was trying to put my feelings into words when I came across this quote by J. Richard Clarke.

Through family history we discover the most beautiful tree in the forest of creation- our family tree. Its numerous roots reach back through history, and its branches extend throughout eternity. Family history is the expansive expression of eternal love. It is born of selflessness. It provides opportunity to secure the family unit forever.

This says everything. I can see the difference searching and finding my family has made in my life. It makes me whole. Words can't express how much love I can feel in my life. Love for myself, love for my family and love for the family I didn't know I had. It can take away hard feeling that can happen in families and fills you with a new understanding and love that fills your whole self. I don't think I could ever put into words how much it means to me to do this work. Perhaps it is this unspoken passion that drives me, and drives me to share what I have learned, am learning and will learn. Maybe it is because I can't put my feelings into words that drives me to help anyone I can so they can feel that love for themselves.

Richard G. Scott puts it so nicely.

What about you? Have you prayed about your own ancestors' work? Set aside those things that don't really matter in your life. Decide to do something that will have eternal consequences... This is a spiritual work, a monumental effort of cooperation on both sides of the veil where help is given in both directions. It begins with love. Anywhere you are in the world, with prayer, faith, determination, diligence, and some sacrifice, you can make a powerful contribution. Begin now. I promise you that the Lord will help you find a way. And it will make you feel wonderful.

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  1. Thanks for those quotes, Laura. You found some great ones. And thanks again for participating.

  2. Thanks for this. You've convinced me. :)

  3. The family tree is the most precious and beautiful. Great post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Beautiful quotes--and they do put it so well. The more I learn about my own ancestors, the more real they become--and I start to feel that maybe they're on the other side as part of my cheering squad.

  5. Yay! I need to get working on my family history again. I'm glad I have such a good friend to help me in my search. ;)

    What ya doin' tomorrow? Give me a call if you have time to play.