Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A photo

It is very true. I am not a collector of anything...
I hardly even like to keep the things that get passed on to me.
I have to have a use for everything. No sitting in boxes or crowding my shelves.

I will admit I some times even dream about the day I can pass everything on to my children.
Don't get me wrong. I do like having some of these family keep sakes....
I like to think of myself as a careful saver.
I don't want my children to have the burden of keeping my stuff...

With that said, onto the photo.
I, never being one to save needless stuff, didn't want to keep my wedding dress.
I know this a a girl thing to do but I didn't want that dress crowding my
closet for the rest of my life! So I cut it up.

(Gasp, gasp)

I thought it was a fine idea. There were plenty of voices telling how I would be
sad someday that I cut the dress up. But the practical side of me really didn't want
the dress sitting around. (14 years later and still happy)
So I got my sister, Marianne to help me and
we cut it all up and sewed it into two baby blessing gowns.

One for a boy and one for a girl. And of course they are beautiful.
My two boys were blessed in one and my daughter in the above picture was in the
gown made years and years before her birth! They don't take up to much closet space.
I got them cleaned and check on them every so often. I just want to be sure they can be used when the happy day comes and I get to pass them on.

And if my children don't want them you can be sure I will be pawning them on someone.

But the whole point of this story is you can cut up your wedding dress and make it into something else just as beautiful and still pass it on as a family air loom!

It is true because after I cut up my wedding dress and made it useful
my mom wanted something done with her wedding dress.
So I took her dress and the left over scraps from my dress so
I can make two wall quilts. One for her and one for me!

So be creative.... you don't have to let things sit in boxes or hang in the closet.

Enjoy them if you have to have them!


  1. What a great idea! Maybe I should cut mine up too. It is so old fashioned my girls will never wear it.

  2. Gee, having borrowed a wedding dress, I don't even have it to cut up! I'll have to do something cool with my favorite pajamas or something.

  3. My wife is very resourceful. . .